Could your content be better?

Maybe, but it’s not your top priority.

You’re too busy to update your business’s blog regularly, if you’ve even started one. You know you should be providing regular content, but between keeping up with new clients, providing support for your existing ones, and continuously making sure your service or software is top-notch, you just can’t find the time to put out new content.

Plus, who has time to proofread all that? The last thing you need is a typo to make you look bad.

More than anything, you’d rather ignore your blog than put up a ton of cheap, useless articles just to boost traffic. Your customer relationships are important after all.

That’s where I’d like to help.

I want to know what makes your business and your service unique. Whether you’re trying to help language learners or giving people the tools they need to travel the world, I can make your message clear, consistent, and valuable. I don’t just write a few hundred words and wish you luck.

  • I’ll research and brainstorm content and blog posts that speak directly to your audience.
  • I’ll look for new angles to write engaging content.
  • I’m SEO conscious so your content won’t get lost in Google searches.
  • I can provide reliable and accurate sources.
  • I proofread everything, so no typos.
  • I can include quality images, helpful lists, and more. I’m always willing to learn the best way to make your business stand out.

Still have questions? Contact me and we can discuss what your business’s ideal content looks like.